Selling Season Is Coming!

It’s impossible to minimize what is transpiring around us as we all deal with the realities of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. It’s changed the way we live for now, but eventually, things will get back to normal. In the meantime practicing responsible social distancing has given us more time on our hands, so let’s use it!

If you anticipate putting your home on the market this year, use this time to take a hard look at it now from a buyer’s perspective.   Is it in tip-top shape and inviting to potential buyers? Does it say “buy me”? If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few things you can be taking care of now during this slow time:

1. If there is anything that squeaks, creaks, or sticks, fix it. Even minor things in a home can create doubt in the mind of a buyer.

2. When was the last time you put a fresh coat of paint on the walls? If you are selling, this may not be the best time to express your love of magenta. Instead, stick to neutrals. Or visit decorator magazines and websites for inspiration.

3. Declutter. You may love all of Aunt Jean’s little nick knacks that you inherited, but too much of anything can create visual clutter and become a distraction for a buyer. This is especially true in the kitchen. Find a place to stow things away so your counters are clear.

4. Get outside and do some clean up in the yard. Tidy up from the effects of winter, think about the sunny months that are ahead and where you could add some colorful plants.

5. Call us for a market report. Knowing what is going on in your local market is an important part of your pricing strategy. We can help you with all of that so when it’s time, you can hit the ground running and get your home sold quickly!

If you are a buyer, this is a great opportunity for you to spend time on the computer researching homes in our market. This is especially important if you are out of the area and considering a second home or a relocation to the Brevard area. The very best way to stay on top of things is with a listing portal that we set up for you through our MLS. We enter your criteria and whenever a home that matches that criteria comes on the market, goes under contract, or is sold, you’ll get an automatic email about it. We also send a quarterly e-newsletter with a market report for homes and land that reflects trends in the various price categories, the list to sell ratio, and other helpful data.

If you would like more helpful hints and information or if you want to be added to our email list, drop an email at