Why We Foster.


When we agree to foster a rescue animal, we agree to save a life. We agree to nourish their neglected bodies with healthy food and mend their tattered souls with love. We agree to tend to their wounds both physical and emotional. We agree to assure these innocents that the life they knew before is past; that kinder hands are there to carry them forward to a better place. We agree to look past the fear in their eyes, placed there by those who came before us. We agree to help them see, instead, the compassion in our eyes and to feel the safety that we offer them. And when the time has come, and the door to their forever home has swung open, our work will be done. We agree that there will be tears of sadness as we watch them leave our nest, taking with them a bit of our heart. But there will be tears of joy mingled with the sadness because we can all agree their life, and ours, have both been made better because we agreed to foster.

“Dogs leave paw prints on our heart”