July Market Update


The headwaters of the East Fork River

Whether it is the mild summer we’re having or the price adjustments we’re seeing from sellers, the market here in the Brevard, NC area saw a nice rebound in home sales in July with across the board sales increases in all price categories. In July of 2014, 50 homes were sold in Transylvania County compared to 33 the same time last year. The bulk of the homes continue to sell in the $150,000 – $250,000 price range but we also saw an uptick in the number of homes sold in the $600,00+ range.

Land sales are up slightly over last year. The majority of the properties sold were in the range of $25,000-$50,000. If you are considering buying land in western North Carolina, your time is coming. We advise buyers to wait until the fall and early winter months to look at land for several reasons. It’s cooler which makes it more fun, but more importantly, once the leaves are down, it’s easier to see the terrain and the surroundings.

Aside from being one of the busiest real estate seasons we’ve had in a while, this summer has been all about the weather. After living in Florida for over 30 years, we clearly remember those hot humid days when it never seemed to get below 85 degrees even at 11 at night. In August, I rarely left the house unless I had to and the thought of living without air conditioning was out of the question. The sweltering heat and humidity of Florida is just one of the many reasons we relocated to the mountains of western North Carolina. By comparison, during the last week of July here in the mountains the average temperature during the day was in the high 70’s and the nights were in the 50’s. We haven’t had our air conditioning on for a month now. Friends who live in higher elevations even fired up their fireplaces on a few rainy days.

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